X5 Deals

X5 Deals is a dedicated service offering streamlined and efficient deal sourcing for mergers and acquisitions. Understanding the pain points of the fragmented deal sourcing space and high subscription costs, X5 Deals provides aggregated, high-quality deals at an affordable rate of $299 per month. With a 7-day risk-free trial and no contracts, this service provides access to over 3,800 active deals without demanding referral or transaction fees.

Since October 2016, X5 Deals has successfully facilitated the closure of 28,505 deals. The deals’ flow ranges across EBITDA/CF categories, with the largest portion falling within the $500k to $1m range.

X5 Deals also offers a custom outreach service, applying its proprietary aggregation algorithm to accumulate information on over 1.5 million private companies with revenues between $5 million and $500 million. After obtaining clients’ exact criteria, X5 Deals launches a targeted campaign and gauges the interest of potential partners in discussing exit, partnership, or growth capital scenarios, delivering these promising leads to their clients without any additional charges.

X5 Deals was established by two industry professionals, eager to address the lack of quality and fragmentation in deal flow. Today, the company offers monthly and annual subscriptions, alongside custom outreach options, all designed to support clients’ individual needs in the M&A landscape. They provide a 2-month risk-free trial and offer 20% off on all subscription plans with the “20x” discount code. Their reliable and affordable services are trusted by numerous firms, making X5 Deals a reliable partner in your acquisition journey.

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