Tiny Acquisitions is a specialized marketplace designed to streamline the buying and selling of small web-based projects and digital assets, all valued at $100k or less. Focused on removing the friction that often accompanies the acquisition process, Tiny Acquisitions offers a seamless platform for creators to engage in transactions.

Established by Stephen Campbell, a creator with firsthand experience in small business exits, Tiny Acquisitions emerged from the need for a “frictionless acquisition marketplace.” Drawing inspiration from his own stressful experience of negotiations and uncertainty, Campbell envisioned a platform where the acquisition process could be simplified and stress-free.

The key features of Tiny Acquisitions provide a holistic experience for both buyers and sellers:

  • In-app Messaging: Enables users to discuss acquisition details within the app, ensuring a smooth communication flow.
  • In-app Invoicing: An invoice is automatically generated when a seller accepts an offer, providing convenience and accuracy.
  • Secure Exchange: With built-in escrow, Tiny Acquisitions assures a secure exchange process, giving peace of mind to both parties involved.
  • Project Valuation: Offers assistance in getting the correct listing price for your project, ensuring fair valuation.

For those looking to buy a tiny project, Tiny Acquisitions presents an opportunity to build a startup through acquisition for less than $100k. From filtering through available projects to making offers and chatting with owners, all the way to closing deals on personal terms, the platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools.

For those wanting to sell a tiny project, Tiny Acquisitions provides the means to liquidate a side project quickly, easily, and at a fair price. With features like connecting Stripe to receive payments, the platform makes the selling process smooth and hassle-free.

Tiny Acquisitions also offers a Premium Service that includes features like marketplace access, ability to filter listings, access to all project metrics, one-click purchase, and more. The premium option is tailored for those looking for an elevated buying experience.

What sets Tiny Acquisitions apart is its singular focus on small, web-based projects and its commitment to creating a frictionless experience for creators. By offering an intuitive interface, secure transactions, and thoughtful features, Tiny Acquisitions stands as a trusted platform where the best tiny projects are acquired.

As a testament to its founder’s vision, Tiny Acquisitions continues to serve a growing community of entrepreneurs and investors, all seeking to explore opportunities that lie in small digital assets. Whether you’re looking to acquire your next project or sell a creation, Tiny Acquisitions is committed to being your reliable partner in the journey, providing a platform where creators meet, engage, and succeed.

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