Streak is an innovative CRM platform ingeniously built into Gmail, designed to simplify and streamline your daily work processes. Born from the common pain point of juggling between emails and external CRM systems, Streak offers a one-stop solution to keep your pipeline moving effectively while staying in your inbox. It serves a myriad of professionals, ranging from sales teams aiming to close more deals to support teams looking to resolve tickets swiftly.

Streak provides an intuitive interface as straightforward as a spreadsheet, making adding, editing, and collaborating exceptionally user-friendly. Its customizable structure lets you tailor the perfect process flow for your team, regardless of your industry or specific use-case requirements. Features like automatic data capture from contacts and emails, as well as tasks and reminders, keep your pipeline on autopilot, allowing for more focused work.

One of Streak’s unique selling propositions is its seamless integration within Gmail, both for desktop and mobile versions. With this native alignment, Streak also benefits from G Suite integrations like Sheets, Chat, and Drive, providing a cohesive environment where you can quickly gather and access your essential data.

Collaboration takes center stage in Streak’s offering, facilitating a hive-mind for your team. It enables automated sharing of emails, notes, and call logs among team members, ensuring that anyone can pick up where a colleague left off. This feature-rich platform further enhances productivity with capabilities such as email tracking, mail merge, scheduled emails, and a shared library of frequently used email templates.

Streak covers all essential bases in terms of platform support and integration. It offers native Android and iOS apps, and its open API integrates flawlessly with G Suite and Zapier, thus connecting your Streak to virtually everything you need for business operations. Rigorous security measures ensure that your data is as safe as it is on Gmail and G Suite, and its GDPR-compliant nature adds another layer of trustworthiness.

Highly recommended by a plethora of users and industries, Streak stands out not only for its comprehensive feature set but also for its focus on simplicity, reliability, and user-centric design. Operating under the belief that great people make great products, the platform aims to reduce friction in your daily workflow, enabling you to close deals, resolve issues, and simply get things done more efficiently.

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