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SMB Law Group is a boutique, remote-first law firm, specializing in mergers and acquisitions for small and medium-sized businesses across all 50 U.S. states. With the professional expertise you would expect from a major law firm, they offer dedicated, personalized client support typically associated with smaller establishments.

The firm was established by three veteran lawyers with extensive experience in M&A and capital markets. These founders, Kevin S. Henderson, Eric B. Pacifici, and Sam Rosati, previously held roles at large, prestigious law firms, before deciding to embark on their own venture. The team also includes Partner Eli Albrecht, and Attorneys Jake Parsley, Norina D’Agostini, and Laura Gieseke, a Tax Attorney.

SMB Law Group’s uniqueness stems from its roots in entrepreneurship. Its founders are not just lawyers, but small business owners who truly understand the wants, needs, and priorities of their clients. They are committed to entrepreneurship, family, and financial freedom, and enjoy working with clients who share the same values.

The firm offers an array of services tailored for the needs of SMBs:

  1. Mergers & Acquisitions: SMB Law Group represents buyers, sellers, and investors in M&A transactions nationwide. Their lawyers, who are also entrepreneurs and investors, understand the stakes for clients and support them through all steps of an M&A transaction, including pre-offer advice leading up to a letter of intent (LOI), transaction due diligence and execution, and closing and post-closing matters.
  2. Corporate Structuring: They assist in structuring your business interests for long-term success, from the most simple single entity formation to the most complex multi-entity, multi-jurisdictional corporate structures.
  3. General Corporate: SMB Law Group provides support on general corporate matters that keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. This includes everything from commercial contracts and license agreements to state and federal legal and regulatory compliance.
  4. Raising Money From Investors: The firm’s team of lawyers helps clients in complex capital raising activities, from negotiating key investment terms to drafting and reviewing appropriate legal disclosure to comply with federal and state securities laws.

SMB Law Group places a strong emphasis on ethics and is deeply committed to its brand values of Family, Entrepreneurship, Flexibility, and Financial Freedom.

SMB Law Group is there to help you navigate your small business transactions with confidence. They combine small business focus with big law expertise, offering the right skills and industry know-how to make your dream transaction a reality, while still providing unmatched client service and affordability.

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