Search Fund Accelerator (SFA) is the first and most innovative accelerator in the search fund industry. Established with the ambitious goals to dramatically improve searcher and CEO success in discovering, purchasing, and managing exceptional businesses, SFA provides unmatched coaching, resources, and support. The organization aims to enhance the likelihood of financial success for its CEOs, making the decision to choose SFA a straightforward one.

In stark contrast to common assumptions, the conventional search fund model carries substantial risk, with 70% of those opting for the traditional model failing. Traditional searchers often lose valuable time learning how to conduct an effective search, identifying promising companies, and pursuing unsuitable acquisition candidates. Moreover, they run the risk of acquiring businesses with low growth potential, frequently facing challenges in creating equity value and personal wealth.

SFA exists to mitigate these difficulties by supporting a select group of entrepreneurs throughout the demanding process of acquiring and successfully managing a company as equity-owning CEOs. Utilizing proven methodologies and technology, searchers at SFA benefit from invaluable coaching and resources.

SFA maintains close collaboration with its searchers, aiding them in evaluating deals, conducting due diligence, and making informed investment decisions. Searchers also benefit from the support and camaraderie of fellow searchers and CEOs, establishing trustful relationships and joining a lifetime community of entrepreneurs.

While SFA boldly aims for a 100% success rate for its searchers, the organization acknowledges this may not always be achievable. Nonetheless, this ambitious target underlines the high standards within their practice and the caliber of professionals they choose to partner with.

Since its launch in 2015, SFA has established itself as the first highly specialized coaching organization in the search fund world. Concentrating exclusively on the success of its searchers and CEOs, SFA has developed a proven model. Through continuous learning and refinement of processes, SFA has managed to stay at the forefront of serving the complex and evolving needs of its community.

For those individuals possessing the motivation, skills, and character to acquire and manage a business, SFA presents an ideal platform. The organization offers its searchers and CEOs unparalleled coaching and support from a team of seasoned professionals and external advisors. Within SFA’s collaborative, high-energy environment, future CEOs work alongside each other, utilizing the firm’s best practices and technologies. When ready to finalize a deal, SFA provides the equity from a fund of committed capital, fully supporting its mission to help searchers and CEOs succeed.

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