Seamless.AI has emerged as a tour de force in the world of sales intelligence, offering a real-time search engine specifically designed for B2B sales leads. Powered by artificial intelligence, the platform is championing the mantra of “right lead, right time,” ensuring sales professionals access verified and current contact information for their ideal prospects.

With an impressive record of helping over 500,000 companies grow their business, Seamless.AI boasts a data repository of over 1.9 billion contact and company records verified in 2022 alone. The platform’s efficacy is reflected in its impact metrics, such as generating a 5-10x ROI on average and fostering a 350% increase in opportunities for its users.

What sets Seamless.AI apart is its real-time capabilities. Unlike static databases, which can quickly become outdated, Seamless.AI conducts real-time searches every time you look for a prospect. This ensures that you are not just getting a contact but a verified and up-to-date connection, significantly shortening your sales cycle and boosting your closure rate.

The platform doesn’t just stop at finding contacts. Its Chrome Extension transforms your browser into a sales powerhouse. Think of it as Batman’s utility belt but for sales professionals; it offers immediate access to phone numbers and emails, all but eliminating the grunt work involved in prospecting.

Adding another layer of value is the “Writer” tool. A unique offering in the market, this feature is your answer to writer’s block. It’s crafted to guide you through sales and marketing messaging intricacies, from constructing compelling value propositions to crafting perfect upsell emails.

Seamless.AI is also a hub for integrations. From Salesforce to Hubspot and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Outreach, the platform plugs into your existing ecosystem, enhancing productivity by getting rid of the manual data entry that saps time and energy.

The platform’s excellence hasn’t gone unnoticed. LinkedIn has ranked it at #7 on their 2022 list of Top 50 Startups, and it has been named a Top 100 Highest Satisfaction Software Product for 2022 by G2, a highly respected software review platform.

The use-cases for Seamless.AI are broad and adaptable. Whether you are starting from scratch and need to build a sales leads list, or you have a list that needs enriching, Seamless.AI’s real-time, AI-powered search can fill those gaps, allowing you to focus on what you do best: selling.

Even the pricing model is designed with scalability in mind, offering 50 free credits to start with and multiple pricing options to fit the unique needs of different team sizes.

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