Rejigg is a specialized marketplace that focuses on simplifying the buying and selling process of small businesses. Tailored for business owners and high-quality buyers, Rejigg offers a seamless interface for discovery, engagement, and even scheduled calls, bringing efficiency and simplicity back into the transaction.

Applicable to businesses of any size—from solo entrepreneurs to medium-sized ventures—Rejigg is designed to suit a broad spectrum of sellers and buyers. These could range from individual self-funded searchers to boutique private equity firms particularly interested in technology sectors.

The platform stands out for its commitment to quality and expediency. Every buyer and business is rigorously vetted to meet stringent standards, ensuring meaningful and productive interactions. Rejigg operates on a unique model where business owners don’t face any upfront costs; instead, they get access to a network of vetted buyers ready for meaningful conversations.

For buyers, Rejigg offers high-quality, off-market leads that align with their specific search criteria. This eliminates the need for exhaustive searches and brings the focus back to quality deal-making. Sellers have the opportunity to onboard their business in under two minutes, after which they are promptly introduced to interested buyers for a scheduled 30-minute call.

Rejigg values confidentiality and requires all prospective buyers to agree to a non-disclosure agreement before any conversations commence. This assures business owners that their information is securely handled and conversations are had with serious, qualified investors.

Based primarily in the United States, Rejigg maintains a certain level of industry flexibility. It serves a diversified pool of buyers and sellers across a wide range of sectors, offering a holistic marketplace for those looking to buy or sell businesses. The platform also provides the option for sellers to get paid for initial conversations, offering a unique benefit for initial engagements.

The platform has earned accolades from a variety of users. Testimonials from sectors like GovTech and boutique private equity firms highlight the platform’s speed, quality of leads, and the overall efficiency of the transaction process.

With a mission to make the business transaction process as simple as possible and a vision to build a platform that respects everyone’s time, Rejigg is much more than a marketplace; it’s a community that prioritizes quality, trust, and ease of use. Whether you’re a business owner looking for an exit or a buyer searching for the perfect acquisition, Rejigg provides a streamlined, secure, and effective solution.

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