Quiet Light

Quiet Light is your expert ally in navigating the complex world of selling online businesses. With a proven track record and years of experience, Quiet Light’s advisors are not just skilled professionals but seasoned entrepreneurs who have themselves bought, sold, and started online ventures. The team brings a wealth of “been there, done that” expertise to the table, making them exceptionally qualified to guide you through your exit strategy.

Geared towards entrepreneurs who understand the intricacies of digital assets, the firm thrives on a guiding principle of “Relentless Honesty.” With Quiet Light, you can expect nothing less than the unvarnished truth, a firm commitment that extends beyond mere contractual obligations to underpin every interaction and decision.

Unique in its approach, Quiet Light is not just data-driven; it’s driving the data. The hundreds of successful deals in the firm’s portfolio have generated invaluable data sets that are used to optimize your exit strategy. Their process is so refined that it’s likened to a fine wine—meticulously crafted to ensure every party walks away from a deal as a winner.

The three-step process for selling your business with Quiet Light is straightforward yet comprehensive. It starts with an initial valuation call to establish the worth of your business based on the latest market multiples and other relevant factors. This is followed by a tailored client interview, which helps prepare you for every question a potential buyer might ask, from basic business details to complex financial metrics. Finally, your listing is published, utilizing all the data and insights gathered to present your business in the best possible light. Remarkably, 85% of Quiet Light’s listings sell within 90 days, ensuring you won’t be left in limbo.

Confidentiality is paramount, and Quiet Light is more than willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement even before the initial valuation call. This is all part of the firm’s rigorous commitment to your goals, one that’s reflected in its unmatched track record. With over 600 online businesses sold and a total transaction value exceeding $300 million, Quiet Light is recognized as a leading M&A advisor in the marketplace of online businesses.

Interestingly, Quiet Light’s winning formula wasn’t discovered overnight. Founder Mark Daoust initially experimented with traditional salespeople, only to find that the secret ingredient was hiring advisors who were, above all else, entrepreneurs. This pivot has made all the difference, adding a layer of empathy and understanding that traditional brokers simply can’t match.

Operating out of Mooresville, NC, Quiet Light is accessible through multiple channels, including phone and email, and maintains a strong social media presence. Whether you’re contemplating selling your online business now or in the future, the firm offers a free valuation and marketplace-readiness assessment, with zero pressure to sell.

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