Peterson Partners, operating for over two decades and across more than 300 companies, is a venture capital firm that places paramount importance on people and their potential. They recognize the distinct qualities entrepreneurial leaders bring to the table, particularly their ability to create the future, make significant changes, and transform vision into reality through relentless determination.

The firm is highly selective in partnering with leadership teams that demonstrate both the grit to build enduring enterprises and the passion to make a positive impact. Working alongside these inspiring individuals and teams is what Peterson Partners describes as their dream job. They relish the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and offer their assistance, expertise, and resources to help build successful businesses.

Peterson Partners emphasize the importance of a symbiotic relationship between investors and entrepreneurs. They believe that entrepreneurs should be as discerning in choosing their investors as the investors are in choosing them, underscoring the need for mutual understanding, respect, and alignment of goals.

Founded by Joel Peterson, an entrepreneur, teacher, and long-time supporter of entrepreneurs, Peterson Partners originated from a mission to help entrepreneurial individuals achieve their dreams. After contributing to the growth of Trammell Crow Company into a multi-billion-dollar enterprise, Joel established Peterson Partners and began imparting his knowledge and experience at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Today, Peterson Partners operates across three verticals: Private Equity, Venture, and Search Funds. They strive to uphold and propagate the principles Joel has taught for over two decades, focusing on building organizations and nurturing leaders who can make a significant impact in their respective fields.

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