OneDeal is a pioneering platform that serves as a comprehensive solution for the small business acquisition process. With over 30,000 actively listed businesses, including proprietary deals exclusive to OneDeal, it stands as a robust marketplace for various participants. Alongside its extensive listings, OneDeal offers pre-qualification services to vet quality buyers and sellers, thereby expediting the process for both parties.

Unique in its offering, the platform is entirely free for both buyers and sellers. It caters to a wide array of individuals and entities involved in the small business acquisition process. This diverse clientele includes business owners, business brokers, small cap private equity companies, search funds, M&A advisors, strategic buyers, and more. OneDeal also positions itself as the ideal platform for first-time small business buyers, offering an accessible entry point to the market.

The OneDeal marketplace encompasses a broad spectrum of physical small businesses listed for sale online, representing various industries such as service businesses, retail, financial services, restaurants and food, manufacturing, and many others. By providing a seamless, end-to-end platform tailored to small business acquisition, OneDeal has created a valuable resource that enhances the efficiency and accessibility of the buying and selling process, fostering opportunities and connections within this vital segment of the business landscape.

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