Kumo is a platform on a mission to simplify and streamline the process of buying and selling businesses, starting with the search phase. By aggregating thousands of deals into a single, user-friendly platform, Kumo aims to optimize deal sourcing workflows, saving valuable time and exposing users to deal flow that might otherwise be missed.

Serving a broad spectrum of industry professionals, Kumo is utilized by company owners, business brokers, family offices, private equity firms, traditional search funds, self-funded searchers, strategic buyers, M&A advisors, sell-side investment banks, and others. Through monitoring hundreds of publicly available marketplaces and brokerage sites, Kumo identifies and consolidates more than 400,000 business listings online, merging duplicates into unique opportunities, cleaning up unstructured data, and tracking changes across the web.

The platform’s coverage is extensive, spanning industries such as automotive, business services, construction, consumer goods, distribution, education, energy & utilities, financial services, food & beverage, health/fitness, healthcare, industrials, life sciences, logistics, manufacturing, materials, media, real estate, retail, SaaS apps & platforms, technology, telecom, transportation, and more. While primarily focused on the United States and Canada, Kumo is continually working to expand its global reach.

Kumo’s emphasis is on majority and 100% buyout opportunities, differentiating itself from platforms like Axial, PrivSource, or Interexo by not charging fees on deals sourced through the platform, accommodating a wider range of deal sizes, and offering full access to all deals without a credit system. Though the platform is industry-agnostic, it may best serve buyers and intermediaries looking to engage in a less traditional M&A process. This includes private equity firms, single family offices, independent sponsors, traditional search funds, strategic M&A groups, investment bankers, M&A advisors, and high-quality brokers.

Free to use with limited access, Kumo encourages potential users to try the platform to see if it aligns with their needs. For those considering enterprise pricing or larger teams, the Kumo support team is readily available for inquiries. By concentrating on user needs and continually seeking feedback, Kumo represents a dynamic and responsive solution for modern business transactions. Its commitment to innovation and accessibility makes it a compelling option for professionals navigating the complex landscape of buying and selling businesses.

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