iGOTHAM Pipeline is an innovative investment firm that specializes in partnering with private equity firms, family offices, independent sponsors, and corporate buyers to co-invest in transactions. By leveraging technology and automation, they streamline the acquisition process, identifying companies considering selling before they reach the auction stage. Founded by Kingchih Fan, a serial entrepreneur and seasoned investor with roots in Microsoft and The Riverside Company, the iGOTHAM team has over 20 years of experience in finance, technology, and private equity.

iGOTHAM’s proprietary deal flow is driven by advanced technologies that enable exclusive access to deals. A broad network of co-investors fosters growth and collaboration among different investment entities. Their technology-driven approach, utilizing AI, advanced NLP, multi-channel outreach, and personalized video outreach, allows them to engage company owners effectively and at scale. They also offer an advanced CRM tool that tracks deal flow, conversations, and shared files, and provides auto-enriched information for more effective communication. Additionally, iGOTHAM’s value-added network of 1000+ legal and accounting firms, and an extensive deal maker resource library, add further depth to their offerings.

One of iGOTHAM’s key strengths lies in its ability to co-invest and lead deals, focusing on creating a consistent flow of proprietary deal opportunities. Their model combines technology with traditional investment know-how, offering investment partnerships, equity sponsorship, and growth partnerships beyond the transaction. The use of AI, personalization technology, and other modern tools enables them to achieve impressive engagement rates, targeting CEOs across 140+ industries.

Kingchih Fan, the visionary behind iGOTHAM, has an impressive background that includes partnerships with Microsoft, international expansion with OpenX, and founding LiftDNA. His expertise spans across growth, marketing, and automation, with an educational background from The University of Chicago that underscores iGOTHAM’s commitment to excellence.

iGOTHAM Pipeline is more than just an investment firm; it’s a technology-driven platform that redefines how acquisitions are made. By partnering with various investment entities and using technology to enhance engagement, they have created a unique space in the industry. Their commitment to transparency, mentorship, and value-added services makes them a compelling choice for anyone looking to augment their proprietary deal flow. With the motto “We find the deal. You lead. Our Deal. Your Expertise,” iGOTHAM stands as a testament to collaborative investment, where the synergy of technology and human insight leads to successful acquisitions. Whether you’re a private equity firm, a family office, or an independent sponsor, iGOTHAM offers the tools, network, and expertise to help you do more deals, emphasizing a partnership approach to investment.

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