Grata is the definitive deal sourcing platform that places you ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving landscape of private markets. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Grata brings unmatched advantages to a broad spectrum of dealmakers—be it private equity firms, investment bankers, corporate development professionals, or management consulting experts.

Built by a team of 30 engineers and supported by 40 QA analysts, Grata’s proprietary search engine technology is second to none. The platform ensures diligence-grade data integrity, endorsed by eight of the top 10 management consulting firms. Covering over 10 million companies and 7 million contacts, Grata offers comprehensive market coverage that ensures you never miss a high-potential deal.

Not just a traditional database, Grata employs a unique combination of machine learning and natural language processing to offer real-time insights. It auto-triangulates the most reliable data, starting from the company’s website as the source of truth. This is the dealmaking edge—fresh data, deeper insights, and greater relevance, updated at a scale equivalent to 3,000 analysts.

Beyond sheer data accumulation, Grata focuses on actionable intelligence. Be it sourcing companies that fit strategic criteria, identifying new markets for acquisitions, or streamlining your sourcing strategy through its pipeline management features, the platform equips you to make decisions that are both timely and well-informed. Users typically report two to six times more deals, 10-20% better returns, and a 30% boost in efficiency.

Furthermore, Grata’s services are designed to adapt to the nuanced requirements of various professional roles. For private equity, it’s about high-potential deal sourcing and market mapping. For investment banks, the platform facilitates deal origination and builds efficient buyer lists. Corporate development professionals get targeted market research, while consultants get next-generation market intelligence.

The platform is lauded by industry professionals for its unparalleled capabilities. Testimonials from firms such as Normandy, Copley Equity Partners, and Azul highlight its effectiveness in sourcing quality deals, time-saving features, and financial benefits. Grata is not just another tool; it’s an ecosystem that enables smarter, more efficient dealmaking.

Operating on a flexible subscription model, Grata offers both scalability and adaptability. Its user-friendly interface is built for dealmakers, and its services are priced to deliver the highest value at the most cost-efficient point. Trusted by over 500 firms and 2,000 dealmakers, Grata is the gold standard in private market intelligence.

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