GetAcquired is a trailblazing marketplace designed exclusively for buying and selling startups. Acknowledging the hurdles that both buyers and sellers encounter in the complex landscape of startup acquisitions, GetAcquired introduces a modern, OpenAI-powered platform that leads the market swiftly and effortlessly.

Since its launch, GetAcquired has successfully positioned itself as a hub for startup transactions, transcending conventional methods. With the ability to access 2 years’ worth of listings data and the Advisor Marketplace, GetAcquired makes the process of connecting with motivated sellers, experts, and active buyers free and uncomplicated.

Emphasizing a seamless experience, GetAcquired offers a daily stream of new listings, realistic multiples, vetted offerings, and real metrics powered by FirstOfficer. The platform’s deal support, provided by seasoned industry experts, further guarantees a robust and secure environment.

GetAcquired was meticulously sculpted with the entrepreneurs’ needs in mind. It provides two significant pathways for sellers:

For Sale By Owner: Enabling sellers to list their startups at no cost on GetAcquired, construct their listing, and forge direct connections with potential buyers to finalize a deal.

Pro Advisor Program: A unique segment connecting Advisors with Sellers in need of professional services, establishing a direct link between expertise and demand.

The process on GetAcquired is ingeniously simple, aligning with the needs of modern business owners seeking to sell or acquire. Every listing on the platform is thoroughly reviewed, and the profiles of acquirers are vetted to preserve authenticity and earnestness within the marketplace.

GetAcquired is not just a platform; it’s a thriving community that epitomizes the future of buying and selling technical startups. It has successfully revolutionized the traditional methods by offering a platform that’s fast, secure, and attuned to the nuanced needs of today’s entrepreneurs.

By providing a platform that’s efficient, transparent, and user-centric, GetAcquired has become more than a service; it’s a community where innovative startups find their ideal match. Whether you’re planning to buy or sell, GetAcquired simplifies the intricate path of startup deals, affirming itself as an invaluable partner in your entrepreneurial endeavor. Join GetAcquired’s thriving marketplace today, and take the next step towards your business goals.

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