Flippa is a global online marketplace for buying and selling businesses, including websites, apps, Amazon FBA businesses, e-commerce stores, and other digital assets. The platform caters to a diverse audience, ranging from first-time entrepreneurs to experienced business owners and investors.

As a marketplace, Flippa provides a platform where sellers can list their businesses for sale and buyers can browse listings to find businesses that match their interests and budgets. Listings on Flippa are highly detailed, providing information about the business’s niche, financial performance, traffic, operations, and growth opportunities. This transparency allows buyers to make informed decisions.

Flippa uses a self-service model where the sellers list their businesses and interact directly with the buyers. However, the platform does offer due diligence services to help ensure the legitimacy of the businesses for sale. Additionally, Flippa provides a secure escrow service to safeguard transactions between the buyer and the seller.

For sellers, Flippa offers a valuation tool to help determine the price of their online business based on industry averages and recent sales data. For buyers, Flippa offers a search tool to find businesses that fit their criteria in terms of type, price, and profitability.

Beyond being a marketplace, Flippa also has a wealth of educational resources to help both buyers and sellers navigate the process of online business transactions. This includes blog posts, buyer and seller guides, webinars, and success stories from other Flippa users.

Since its inception, Flippa has facilitated millions of dollars in business transactions, making it one of the largest and most popular platforms for trading online businesses.

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