The Feta Fund is an investment firm designed specifically for “searchers,” individuals who are on a journey to acquire a great company. Understanding that this process is often a complex, long, and challenging journey, the Feta Fund focuses on providing unwavering support to searchers before they make an acquisition. The firm prides itself on its readiness to offer support any time, including answering late-night texts or early morning calls.

Founded by Saumil Jariwala in 2016, the Feta Fund has already supported more than 50 searchers and aims to help a thousand future CEOs acquire small businesses. Saumil has an extensive background in search fund investing, private equity investing, and private equity due diligence consulting. Before launching the Feta Fund, he worked as a search fund investor at Trilogy Search Partners and also had tenures at Charlesbank, a multi-billion dollar private equity firm, and Bain & Company as a consultant specializing in private equity due diligence.

Saumil is recognized within the industry for his insights and contributions, serving on several boards, including Velox, a medical device services rollup. He also regularly speaks at top business schools and industry conferences, such as the SEETA Conference.

What sets Feta Fund apart is its unique focus on the searcher before they make an acquisition. The firm is praised by many of its searchers for the level of support, insight, and mentorship Saumil provides. This support ranges from detailed reviews of investor agreements, strategic planning, financial analyses, to being a calming presence during high-stake negotiations.

The Feta Fund is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and operates with the tagline, “During your search, we’re the investor to call first.” The firm’s dedication to providing this level of support embodies its mission: to serve as a valuable partner for searchers on their journey to acquire businesses.

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