FE International

FE International is a leading M&A advisory firm for mid-market SaaS (Software as a Service), e-commerce, and content businesses. The company provides comprehensive brokerage services for the buying and selling of online businesses, specializing in six to eight-figure transactions.

As a full-service brokerage, FE International offers an array of services, including exit planning, business valuation, due diligence, buyer sourcing, deal negotiation, and post-sale support. It prides itself on a highly professional approach, employing a rigorous vetting process for all listings and maintaining confidentiality throughout the transaction process.

Sellers benefit from FE International’s vast network of pre-qualified investors, who represent high-net-worth individuals, strategic companies, and institutional investors around the globe. The company’s emphasis on exclusive representation of high-quality businesses ensures sellers receive maximum market exposure and premium valuations.

On the buying side, FE International provides access to a wide range of vetted online businesses in various industries, such as technology, e-commerce, and digital content. Buyers receive detailed business prospectuses, including comprehensive financials, traffic data, operational details, and growth opportunities.

In addition to its brokerage services, FE International also offers a wealth of educational resources, including a blog, podcast, and regular webinars. These provide insights on topics like online business valuation, buyer strategies, digital investing, and the latest trends in the online business space.

FE International has successfully completed hundreds of transactions since its establishment, boasting a 94.1% sales success rate and over half a billion dollars in deals advised on by 2021. This experience and track record make it a trusted partner in the field of online business transactions.

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