DealBuilder is your broker’s office, digitized and optimized. Created by business brokers for business brokers, it’s a holistic back-office solution designed to streamline the most cumbersome aspects of your business operations, allowing you to focus on what really matters—closing deals and acquiring new clients.

Why opt for disparate tools when DealBuilder offers an all-in-one software suite? The platform includes features like a buyer CRM, business valuation tools, digital buyer presentations, automated NDA management, due diligence assistance, and even a built-in buyer network.

Getting started is simple. The platform automates client onboarding, walking sellers through a custom intake questionnaire and file uploads. Your buyer presentations are drafted by DealBuilder’s expert team, relying on the data you collect from sellers to create an impactful first draft for your review. With a direct line to an established database of buyers, DealBuilder ensures that your listings get the additional exposure they need. Once you’re ready to make a deal, the platform even hosts a secure data-room where you can collaborate with lawyers, accountants, and advisors.

But where DealBuilder really shines is in its adaptability to your business model. Strapped for cash? DealBuilder offers a flexible payment model that only charges you when you get paid. Worried about overheads while scaling? The platform’s automated processes enable you to take on more clients without the added costs. You can achieve the same revenue while putting in fewer hours, a clear win in anyone’s book.

Keith MacKenzie from Chinook Business Advisory puts it best, “We have moved 100% of our engagements onto the DealBuilder platform and are finding the valuation component to be accurate and easy to use. We estimate that we will save between $40-60,000 in overhead this year due to the efficiencies DealBuilder brings to our 8-person advisory firm.”

DealBuilder isn’t just another tool; it’s your partner in productivity and profitability. It understands the pain points of business brokering and addresses them efficiently, allowing you to maximize your focus on deal-making.

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