Copper is an integrated, efficient CRM platform designed to streamline and enhance client relationship management for businesses operating within the Google Workspace ecosystem. With Copper, you can concentrate on accelerating your business while the platform automates the intricacies of customer engagement, email tracking, and workflow management.

Ideal for a wide range of businesses, from startups to large corporations, Copper serves various sectors including tech, healthcare, real estate, and more. Its user base spans sales teams, marketing professionals, project managers, and customer service representatives who benefit from the platform’s Google Workspace integration and intuitive design.

The platform distinguishes itself by its quality and ease of use. All features are engineered to conform to high industry standards. Significantly, Copper is crafted to eliminate manual data entry, thereby offering a seamless, automated experience. Users can sync their Google Workspace accounts, including Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive, and have immediate access to a comprehensive history of all interactions with each contact.

Copper further extends its functionality by offering a complete view of your sales pipeline. It offers visualization tools to track your team’s end-to-end sales process and provides real-time insights into business growth opportunities. This targeted focus enables businesses to capitalize on leads that might otherwise be overlooked, offering a comprehensive picture of potential revenue streams.

Trusted by over 30,000 companies, Copper’s key strengths lie in its seamless integration with Google Workspace, quick setup, 360-degree customer view, and robust workflow automation. It facilitates real-time collaboration across teams, thereby enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.

While Copper is tailored for Google Workspace users, it showcases a degree of software agnosticism by easily integrating with other tools and applications that your business might be using. This versatility underscores its adaptability and commitment to streamlining business processes across the board.

Operating on a flexible subscription model, Copper allows members to adjust their plans based on changing business needs, without any hassle. Endorsed by industry leaders and professionals alike, Copper is lauded for its automation capabilities, range of integrations, and efficient client management features.

Choose Copper for an effective, user-friendly, and fully integrated CRM solution that elevates your business operations while simplifying client relationship management.

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