Centurica is a specialized advisory firm with a focus on facilitating the purchase of web-based businesses. The company has been offering its expertise to investors since 2013, providing comprehensive due diligence services that help reduce risk and uncover value opportunities in potential acquisitions.

At the heart of Centurica’s service offering are three key pillars:

  1. Financial: Centurica assesses the accuracy of a seller’s financials by reconstructing the Profit & Loss statement to verify if the business justifies its asking price, identifying any discrepancies in the process.
  2. Operational: The team at Centurica goes in-depth into the operations of the business to pinpoint potential risks and value creation opportunities. They provide valuable insights to investors about the inner workings of the business and the inherent risk factors.
  3. Commercial (Market): Centurica conducts a thorough analysis of the market in which the business operates to identify potential growth opportunities and to ensure the business’s future sustainability.

Given the inherent riskiness of digital businesses, Centurica’s role as an unbiased, third-party reviewer is invaluable. The team at Centurica brings a wealth of experience from operating their own online businesses, giving them an unparalleled understanding of the risks and opportunities associated with such businesses.

Centurica’s main differentiator is their specific knowledge of online businesses and industry trends. While traditional CPAs may excel in handling numbers, they often lack insight into the workings of online businesses. Centurica dives into the financials, operations, and growth potential of a business to set their clients up for success.

Additionally, Centurica offers a variety of services beyond due diligence, including advisory services and deal flow and deal generation. They work with a wide range of clients, from passive cash flow investors to active entrepreneurs, helping them find, finance, acquire, transition, and manage their acquisitions.

Centurica’s offerings are further complemented by their educational resources, including a blog that provides insights into due diligence, finding deal flow, and more.

Finally, the company also offers a free tool called Marketwatch for those struggling to find a suitable web-based business. This tool allows users to search listings ranging from $20,000 to $5 million USD across multiple sources, making the process less time-consuming and more efficient.

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