CAPTARGET is a comprehensive, data-driven platform offering deal origination and market analysis services to professionals engaged in middle-market acquisitions and investments. By utilizing CAPTARGET, firms gain a competitive edge in sourcing new deals, managing relationships, and leveraging data analytics to make informed decisions.

CAPTARGET is designed for a broad spectrum of users, from private equity firms and corporate buyers to family offices and PE-backed portfolio companies. It serves players in various capacities—whether you are an established firm with a diversified portfolio or a family office looking to break into the middle market.

The platform stakes its reputation on its high-quality, analyst-driven services. Importantly, CAPTARGET operates on a fee structure devoid of any finder’s fees, offering cost-effective access to robust deal sourcing. Clients can specify their investment criteria, enabling a tailored, hands-on approach to deal identification and qualification by our expert analysts.

CAPTARGET goes beyond traditional deal sourcing methods by offering Total Market Coverage, a unique sourcing service that scans both on-market and off-market opportunities. This includes direct-to-business-owner opportunities, as well as those represented by brokers and sell-side advisors, allowing a holistic view of the market landscape.

Trusted by an expansive network of industry professionals, CAPTARGET’s strength resides in its data-driven methodologies, commitment to client success, cost-efficient structure, and focus on quality over quantity. This ensures that each deal sourced is not just a lead but a high-probability opportunity.

Though the platform specializes in the U.S. market, its methods and services are universally applicable, making it industry-agnostic. The focus is largely on middle-market acquisitions, extending a valuable service to buyers who aim for a diversified investment strategy.

CAPTARGET offers its invaluable services through a straightforward monthly subscription model. Clients are free to adapt their subscription according to their evolving needs. Highly recommended by industry veterans, including those from Boyne Capital, CAPTARGET has received accolades for its responsive team, effective deal origination methods, and client-centric approach.

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