BizSaleByOwner is an innovative online platform that is revolutionizing the way businesses are bought and sold. Its mission is to build the world’s most trusted marketplace, empowering business owners by providing an efficient, confidential, and cost-effective platform for the sale of their businesses.

At its core, BizSaleByOwner is a business listing and collaboration site that prioritizes confidentiality. Using a proprietary system, the platform ensures that all transactions and communications are protected. It offers a suite of tools designed to streamline the sales process, such as secure messaging and file sharing, help desk support, and an easy-to-use interface.

Business owners can create a free account to list their business for sale, granting them immediate access to a wide range of potential buyers and vetted advisors available for assistance throughout the sale process.

On the other side of the transaction, buyers have direct access to the business owners, making the process straightforward and efficient. They can browse available businesses for sale and communicate directly with business owners after creating an account.

An integral part of the BizSaleByOwner offering is on-demand advisor support. The platform has a pool of fully vetted advisors available for business owners and buyers. Business owners can read reviews and endorsements before deciding to hire an advisor, ensuring that they receive best-in-class service tailored to their needs.

BizSaleByOwner presents an interactive online ExitEcosystem, equipped with all the tools necessary for a successful business exit, and access to professional vetted advisors when required. It’s rooted in a deep understanding of the small business sales sector, addressing the gap in the market where technology hasn’t been fully utilized to streamline and optimize the business selling process.

The platform’s service is founded on the “80% principle” – 80% of business owners want to sell to a third party, 80% of businesses don’t sell, 80% believe that the business buyer gets the better deal in a business sale, 80% of an owner’s net worth is trapped in the business until it sells, 80% of kids want the money, not the business, and 80% of business owners don’t have an exit plan. But with BizSaleByOwner, it aims to turn these statistics around by being 100% filled with vetted professional exit advisors, real businesses with owners seeking an exit, and real buyers looking for a great business to acquire.

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