Navigating the labyrinthine world of business sales is a challenge even for seasoned entrepreneurs. The stakes are high, the variables many, and the resources limited. That’s where BizBuySell comes into play, acting as your North Star in this complex galaxy of buying and selling businesses. As the Internet’s largest and most frequented business-for-sale marketplace, BizBuySell brings an unparalleled scope and scale to the table.

BizBuySell isn’t just another listings site; it’s the definitive platform for business transactions, sporting an inventory of over 65,000 businesses for sale each year. Whether you’re looking at established businesses, asset sales, franchise opportunities, or business real estate, the marketplace offers a comprehensive array of choices. And it’s not just the sellers who are active; the platform sees over 3.5 million visits each month, with a registered buyer base of over 900,000.

Imagine the impact of such extensive reach. Sellers gain visibility, not just amongst casual browsers but directly in the inboxes of highly relevant buyers. How? BizBuySell’s database sends out tens of millions of email notifications every month, flagging business opportunities to potential buyers. On the flip side, buyers gain access to a vast inventory of opportunities, augmented by a database of for-sale and sold comparables, and a leading franchise directory.

But the site’s most striking feature might be its unwavering commitment to the business brokerage community. With a subscription model that reaches 15 times more buyers than the nearest competitor, business brokers find in BizBuySell an indispensable tool for listing multiple businesses and maximizing their exposure. To make the experience as enriching as possible, the platform has also instituted the BizBuySell Broker Advisory Council, involving industry experts to continually refine and optimize the user experience.

As a division of CoStar Group, Inc., the leading provider in commercial real estate information and analytic services, BizBuySell brings credibility and a wealth of resources to the table. Since its inception in 1996, the platform has revolutionized the way business transactions take place online, creating a bridge between buyers and sellers, business brokers and business opportunities.

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