Baton is a revolutionary platform designed to empower small business owners and buyers with the critical data and insights they need to succeed. Free of charge, Baton offers a holistic approach to business valuation, growth, and transition, ensuring you get the most from your investment.

Baton is designed for a wide array of users, from small business owners contemplating the future of their companies to aspiring entrepreneurs and buyers looking for verified, high-quality opportunities. Whether you’re running a brick-and-mortar store or an e-commerce platform, Baton provides tailored solutions to help you reach your objectives.

The process begins with a complimentary business valuation. Business owners can easily claim their businesses, complete a brief survey, and link their accounting software to receive an assessment of their market standing. Unlike simplistic calculators, this valuation is based on actual data, thereby providing actionable insights.

To accelerate growth, Baton offers an expansive network of vetted experts across various domains, such as marketing, legal affairs, and HR. Leveraging this network allows businesses to improve their valuation with data-backed strategies. For buyers, Baton delivers a curated list of vetted businesses, complete with 3-5 years of financial data, ensuring that time spent on the platform is productive and meaningful.

When you’re ready to sell, Baton is primed to help you transition your business on optimal terms. Remarkably, Baton brokers deals for just a fraction of traditional broker fees—charging only 6% of the sale price. This cost-effective approach makes the process of selling a business as seamless and affordable as possible.

Baton’s monetization model is uniquely customer-centric; it only makes money when you achieve your goals. Through a referral fee model with its network of partners and a minimal commission on sales, Baton ensures that high-quality valuations and human support remain accessible to all users at no charge.

Trusted by business owners and industry experts alike, Baton comes highly recommended for its robust valuation methodology, facilitated by CFAs, and its customer-first approach. Testimonials from satisfied users further cement Baton’s reputation as a trusted ally for small business owners and buyers.

In essence, Baton is not just a business transition platform but a comprehensive guide and partner, helping you navigate the complex terrains of valuation, growth, and sales. Baton’s commitment to data security and user privacy, with stringent measures in place, means you can operate with peace of mind.

Backed by industry leaders like Giant Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, and Raven One Ventures, Baton is on a mission to make small business ownership accessible to everyone. In a landscape where 98% of business owners are unaware of their business value, Baton is indispensable, offering universal access to reliable data and trusted expertise.

Whether you’re a small business owner in Tampa, Florida, or an aspiring buyer in Roscoe, New York, Baton is the tool you need to plan your next big move. Trusted, data-backed, and user-centric, Baton is shaping the future of small business ownership, one successful transition at a time.

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