AcquireBase is a leading-edge marketplace dedicated to the free buying and selling of internet startups, including side-projects, micro-SaaS, Chrome extensions, Shopify stores, and more. Embracing a model of absolute transparency and commitment to value, AcquireBase stands out with its 0% commission policy on successful sales and a promise of no paywall for unlocking offers.

Designed with the ethos of accessible entrepreneurship in mind, AcquireBase is the savvy entrepreneur’s answer to platforms like Flippa but without the burdensome fees. By eliminating all commissions and hidden costs, AcquireBase provides an unencumbered platform where both sellers and buyers can connect without financial barriers.

With built-in integration with, AcquireBase takes the security of transactions to a higher level. Recognized and utilized by global brands such as Shopify Exchange, GoDaddy, and Uniregistry, this licensed escrow service ensures a secure buying experience within the platform.

For sellers looking to part with a side-project or micro-SaaS, AcquireBase offers a seamless listing process that is not only free but effective. By tapping into a vibrant buyers’ community, AcquireBase assists sellers in finding the right buyer, without costing anything more than a few minutes of their time.

For those looking to invest in a profitable micro-SaaS or other internet startups, AcquireBase presents a curated selection of opportunities, available for discovery every week. Joining the platform enables buyers to directly engage with sellers, ask questions, negotiate terms, and make offers, all within an environment free of charge.

AcquireBase’s innovation doesn’t stop there. For those looking to stay ahead of the curve, AcquireBase Premium™ offers 7-days exclusive access to new listings, allowing premium members to reach out to sellers ahead of other buyers. This early access, combined with instant email notifications for every new startup, grants premium members the time to thoroughly review, negotiate, or make offers before others.

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