Acquira is a dynamic and innovative investment fund and accelerator that is dedicated to fostering acquisition entrepreneurship. They offer their capital, training, guidance, and proven systems to support entrepreneurs in acquiring, growing, and optimizing businesses, while also enabling them to build private equity portfolios.

In addition to providing financial resources, Acquira distinguishes itself by delivering a comprehensive acceleration program. This includes online training, structured calls, in-person meetups, and a continually expanding repository of systems, ensuring acquisition entrepreneurs receive holistic and up-to-date support.

Acquira extends its reach by collaborating with business owners, assisting them in optimizing their businesses, hiring new leadership, and retiring on their terms. Their commitment to the success of their partners is evident in their extensive business search program, through which they contact 2000-3000 businesses per week for potential selling opportunities. They also leverage their longstanding relationships with brokers to find pre-listed deals, thereby providing acquisition entrepreneurs exclusive access before these deals become public.

At its core, Acquira describes itself as a mission with a company, as opposed to a company with a mission. They deeply value vibrant company culture, employee empowerment, and extreme ownership. By investing in these areas, they foster an environment of belonging, trust, and collaboration among team members, and strongly believe in giving back to their communities.

Acquira’s impressive track record demonstrates their effectiveness and influence. Over the past four years, their team has evaluated over 10,000 businesses, acquired more than 30 companies, and created three roll-ups, amassing an enterprise value of over $60 million. They have successfully exited seven companies.

Their team comprises professionals from various fields, including entrepreneurship, systems & training creation, investment banking, private equity, and business operations, ensuring a multidisciplinary approach to business acquisition and growth.

Acquira’s mission is to empower acquisition entrepreneurs with the capital, training, and systems they need to confidently acquire and grow businesses, create wealth, and enjoy greater freedom.

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